For more than 150 years, St. Martin of Tours Parish School has quietly educated thousands of students who are well prepared for high school success. Our instructional model emphasizes personalized learning. Teachers craft individualized learning plans for each student based on detailed information provided by the academic measurement process, Measures of Academic Process (MAP®), in which all students participate, without cost, at the beginning and end of the academic year. We provide every learner with a rigorous education in a contemporary, caring environment. Blending the old (proven teaching methods) with the new (interactive whiteboard technology), we emphasize speaking, writing, and critical thinking.

Though tremendously proud of our legacy, we educate our students for future success by embracing 21st Century learning. All our classrooms have interactive whiteboard technology and networked computer workstations dedicated for student use. Our technology lab contains networked computer workstations (one workstation for every student, each student has a personal login) configured with current hardware and software. Our science lab is well equipped and spacious.

Embracing a Learning without Limits approach to individual learning, students are provided with expanded opportunities to engage in meaningful activities appropriate to their interests and strengths in a close community of teaching and learning. Students learn in a continuum moving from easier to more difficult material and from simple to more complex strategies at their own pace, making continuous progress. Instruction and resources for gifted learners are available to students in all grades.

Students are provided with instruction in the subjects below. Assessiment occurs in a number of ways. Classroom assessment is aligned with learning objectives. Authentic assessment is used whenever possible.

Core Subjects
Literature, Reading, Grammar, Math, Religion, Science, Social Studies

Special Subjects
Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Technology Education, Band, Orchestra 

Academic Accreditation and Membership