Faculty and Staff
Our long-term, highly-credentialed faculty infuse learning with challenge, patience, and respect. They are dedicated to providing students with an exemplary academic experience. St. Martin of Tours Parish School teachers view their work as a call, a passion, and a matter of the heart. Committed to the classroom, they provided personalized instruction and offer leadership and guidance to promote character development. 

Learners as well as teachers, all faculty have completed credit-based coursework in developing individualized learning plans. All of our teachers have earned at least a bachelor's degree. All have engaged in graduate coursework. All are Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction licensed educators. An upper level teacher is a former supervisor and assessor of student teachers enrolled in two area universities.

Principal of St. Martin of Tours Parish School since 1998, Mrs. Jeanne Johnson skillfully guides the faculty, policies, and planning of the school. A graduate of St. Norbert College where she earned a B.A. Elementary Education and Marquette University where she earned an M.A. Education Administration, Mrs. Johnson began her career teaching kindergarten. She enjoys spending time in the classroom with children of all ages whenever she can. 

Core Subject Teachers

Core Courses  Mrs. Hennemann Mrs. Collins Mrs. Dolkiewicz Mrs. Edwards
1st Grade
Mrs. Knowski Mrs. Sherman   Mrs. Kirsling  Mrs. Meyer   Miss. Leto 
2nd Grade
3rd/4th Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade Homeroom, 5th-8th Grade Science, 5th/6th Grade Social Studies, 5th/6th Grade Religion
6th/7th Grade Homeroom, 5th-8th Grade Math, 7th Grade Religion 

       Mrs. Wantoch

8th Grade Homeroom, 5th-8th Grade Language Arts, 8th Grade Religion

Special Subject Teachers

            Ms. Hardy           Mrs. Drescher 
         Mrs. Pitcher


              Physical Ed 

School Administrative Staff and Pastoral Staff

Mrs. Mantoan  Mrs. Marino    Fr. Sheehy 

Admin Assistant/Athletic Director

 Development Director