A Tradition of Scholarship, Leadership, and Discipleship

It seems everyone has ideas about education today. What to teach and how are topics of popular conversation and media spotlight. For more than 150 years, St. Martin of Tours Parish School has educated thousands of children. We are committed to the classroom. Educating children of all faiths from 4-year old kindergarten through 8th grade, we embrace personalized learning. Our Learning without Limits instructional model centers on learners not just curriculum. We represent a legacy of learning in the community. 

School Front View
  We serve students of all faiths in grades K4 through 8th with a morning 4-year kindergarten (with optional afternoon enrichment program) and an all-day 5-year kindergarten. Under the leadership of the principal, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction certified teachers present state-approved curriculum to students in personalized learning environments.

Our school is fully accredited. Curriculum is presented in a variety of ways. Teachers strive to offer assessments that are observable, measurable, valid, and fair.
Middle school students compete in selected academic contests within the Milwaukee area. Eligible, academically gifted middle school students may be selected to participate in the Discovery Project. All core course classrooms are equipped with computer workstations dedicated for student use and interactive whiteboard technology that supports hands-on exploration, practice, and application of knowledge and concepts.
Parents support the school through their direct involvement. School families provide service in a number of ways. They may help at school, on the athletic field, as a committee chairperson, by completing work at home that supports the school, or by contributing professional expertise. Parents are encouraged to support, through participation and leadership, activities that guide the mission of St. Martin of Tours Parish School.
Parents are our partners and our customers for whom we strive to provide the highest quality service. Our recent school survey demonstrates that parents overwhelmingly agree that curriculum is effective and communication between school and home is strong. Parents value the high quality instruction and personalized learning environment. As one survey respondent stated, "I feel blessed to have found this school! I couldn't be happier as a parent."
We provide opportunities for our students to enhance their character and leadership ability. Students chose activities that interest them personally: scouts, athletics, band, orchestra, engineering competition, academic competition, student council, safety patrol, and even a noon-time walking club. Middle school students assist younger learners under the careful supervision of teachers. 
Spiritual leadership is provided to the St. Martin of Tours Parish School community by the Priests of the Sacred Heart (SCJ). Theirs is an international ministry that includes teaching, counseling, and service to social justice issues. With the considerable support of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, and that of our school families, and the parish community, we develop creative, literate, and responsible learners who go forward to success.